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A Versatile, athletic Fusion dancer and choreographer specializing in Jazz, North African Folkloric, Street Jazz, Transnational Fusion, Acro and Contemporary movement.

Bevin Victoria began her dance training in classical ballet at age 3 and after many a tendue learned that while she loved the graceful elegance of balletic movement (and classical music) she really came alive with the vibrant, syncopated rhythms of old jazz and began diligently studying movement from the era of the "Black Bottom" craze all the way up to the musicals of the 60's. Heavily influenced by the insane athleticism of dancers like the Nicholas Brothers and Gene Kelly she began her training in artistic gymnastics and had every intention of being the greatest athlete of all time until a serious injury at the ripe old age of 13 ended her competitive career. She turned back to dance and began to devote herself to the study of the evolution of jazz into a more modern dialect known as street jazz and through that found hip hop. Over the next few years, musical theater began to play a larger and larger role as did revisiting studies in ballet and contemporary along with consistent training in jazz and acrobatics. At that time, Bevin began training in Tae Kwon Do and Wushu and the marriage between dance and athletics became even more interesting, yet seemingly elusive.

 Intensive training in West African Dance, Samba, Flamenco and Salsa led her to discover Contemporary Fusion Belly dance and Tribal Style Belly dance and thus began the love affair that has led to the development of Hybrid dance today.

The marriage of these influences along with her background in athletics and musical theater has allowed Bevin to create a movement style and training approach that is a unique blend of many factors but finds the balance point of them all. 

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